Uhhhh, I enjoy multiple fandoms and a bunch of creative content

I'm dumb I should probably do one of these,,,,

I'm Potato/Nico/Halie

They/Them and I'm 16



A selection of musicals

Percy Jackson Universe



Sanders Sides




The Dragon Prince


dustyshorts -

me out here thinking i was gonna find anything in my main fandoms despite the fact that even on tumblr theyre dead as all hell

potato-of-victory -

The only fandom I've found on here that's even somewhat active is Sander's Sides

trans rights are human rights

herobrined -

Sander sides fandom, are you here yet?

kaioanxiety -

seriously, i wanna know if people apart of the sander sides fandom is on waterfall yet

potato-of-victory -

Hi! I'm not super active in the fandom with contributing content, but I am in the fandom!

An Anonymous user asked:

Hey, I recently registered, and I haven't gotten the confirmation email yet. I'm fairly certain I put it in correctly. What's up with that?

staff -

Sometimes it's just slow. The server only sends out 50 per minute, so give it time. If it's not through in an hour or so, try resending!

potato-of-victory -

I had to check my spam box for mine! Make sure to check yours if you havent